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published 9.10.12

As companies collect ever increasing quantities of information about their business, efficient resources to develop business intelligence solutions are critical to keeping up with the flood of data. Thousands of users have already discovered that the Biml language makes it possible to quickly, easily, and manageably author end-to-end BI solutions. Biml is an XML-based development language that can automatically generate large amounts of assets for any version of the Microsoft SQL Server platform (e.g. T-SQL scripts, SSIS packages, SSAS cubes, and more). What some may not know is that Biml also enables you to easily share solutions to common BI problems, without having to rewrite lots of code or share proprietary details of database structure. is intended to provide a hub for sharing BimlScripts, patterns, and best practices to further accelerate the work of Biml users. It is an online community for learning Biml, developing and sharing Biml solutions to BI problems, and helping others achieve success with Biml. Users can get started learning and authoring Biml, expand their knowledge by browsing the site's walkthroughs, video tutorials, and snippets, contribute their Biml knowledge to the community, and even develop Biml directly in their own browser.

We know Biml is revolutionizing how BI is done, and we're confident that you're about to have the same jaw-dropping experience.

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11:48am 11.30.16

HI This is pavan and getting error while implementation of Automation code for generating ssis packages using BIML. Please look at the below code and the error is highlighted with the bold. <#@ template language="C#" hostspecific="true"#> <#@ import namespace="System.Data" #> <# string DestCnStr ="Data Source=SHVLSP2493F1D\MSSQLSERVER2012;Initial Catalog=DestDatabase;Provider=SQLNCLI11.1;Integrated Security=SSPI"; DataTable tables = ExternalDataAccess.GetDataTable(DestCnStr,"SELECT FROM sys.tables t") ; foreach (DataRow row in tables.Rows) { #> <Package Name="Load_" <#=row[0]#>" ConstraintMode="Linear" > select * from <#=row[0]#> select * from <#=row[0]#>

        <Dataflow Name="Duplicate"
          <#=row[0]#> Data">
            <OleDbSource Name="Retrieve Data" ConnectionName="SrcDatabase">
                SELECT * FROM <#=row[0]#> where date_ts >= CONVERT (DATE, GETDATE())
            <OleDbDestination Name="Insert Data" ConnectionName="DestDatabase">
              <ExternalTableOutput Table=""<#=row[0]#>" />
    <# } #>