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Peter Avenant

Transformer that will insert transformations before component.

published 05.05.14

last updated 05.05.14


The Challenge

I'm in the process of converting my metadata framework to use Mist Transformers instead of include files. During this process I encountered the following challenge while automating foreign key Lookups. I want to have DerivedColumns to add the -1 defaults for all foreign keys and using annotation tags will add the relevant Lookups. All the Transformer examples that I could find started with <#=TargetNode.GetBiml()#>, but I needed it to start with all the Lookups and then spit out the <#=TargetNode.GetBiml()#>.

The Solution

In the attached Mist project the Transformer in question is tf-dft-target-lkp.biml and the code is quite simple, it always is once you've figured it out.

<#@ target type="DerivedColumnList" mergemode="LocalReplace" #>

<#  if (TargetNode.Annotations["AddLookupTarget"] != null) { #>
    <DerivedColumns Name="DC - Test PlaceHolder">
        <InputPath OutputPathName="<#=TargetNode.InputPath.ResolvedOutputPath.ScopedName#>" />
            <Column Name="<#=TargetNode.InputPath.ResolvedOutputPath.ScopedName#>" DataType="Boolean" ReplaceExisting="false">false</Column>
<#  TargetNode.InputPath.RemoveFromParent();#>
<#  } #>
<#@ import namespace="System.Data" #>


I still want manually hook up the new input, but after a hour of looking into InputPath.OutputPath and AddNewInput without success I'm moving on to the next challenge. I will touch base with the Varigence development team in the next week or two and will post an update if there is a better way of achieving this.

By the by

In the Mist project I have also configured the Diff Viewer Path and Arguments for WinMerge if you are interested.

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