Mist Transformers Webinar Content


Peter Avenant

This webinar demonstrates Mist Transformers which is the "secret sauce" of Biml.

published 09.23.14

last updated 09.23.14


Creating new BI/DW objects from scratch using BimlScript is powerful, but the ability to change existing objects changes the game entirely. We will introduce BimlScript transformers and show how they can be used, either interactively or as part of an automatically applied framework.

Topics will include transformer syntax, merge modes, target types, execution options, and transformer layering. If you are using BidsHelper and are looking for a way to obfuscate and secure your IP we will demonstrate how you can easily convert your codebase into Mist Transformers.

The session will include both PowerPoint and extensive examples in Mist – including a real world framework for you to use in your own projects.

You can view the video using this link.W03 - Biml Transformers

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