Creating SSIS Packages from a Stored Procedure (via BIML)


Jim Miller

This Walkthrough presents a very fast technique to build a simple (Truncate and Load) SSIS package by leveraging a SQL Stored Procedure and BIML.

published 01.03.15

last updated 01.03.15



  • bids
  • biml,
  • DTSX,
  • Generate,
  • Helper,
  • Import/Export
  • Package,
  • Procedure,
  • Server,
  • SQL
  • SSIS
  • SSIS,
  • Stored
  • Wizard,
  • XML

Did you ever want to perform a quick ETL task, such as moving the contents of a table between SQL servers? The options for completing this task include:

  • Using Linked Servers
  • Generating a SQL script with INSERT statements
  • Running the Import/Export Wizard
  • Using ‘copy and paste’ with the table objects in Management Studio
  • Manually building an SSIS package

Since each of these approaches have their own drawbacks, here is another option to consider: Use a stored procedure to dynamically build a SSIS package by leveraging the power of BIML. This approach is fast, easy to refresh, and the technique extensible...

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